Finesse 2 Tymes Responds To City Girls’ JT’s Unprovoked “Ugly” Diss

Finesse 2 Tymes recently found himself in the middle of a feud with City Girls’ JT after she made an unprovoked insult about him on social media. Finesse 2 Tymes took to his own social media account to respond, questioning why JT mentioned him in the first place and making his own digs at her.

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Memphis rapper Finesse 2 Tymes recently found himself at the center of an unexpected feud with City Girls rapper JT. It all started when JT made a comment on Instagram responding to a user who had something to say about her relationship with Lil Uzi Vert.

JT went on to insult the woman’s baby father and baby, saying that the baby looks like the “Back End” rapper. This unprovoked attack on Finesse 2 Tymes did not go unnoticed, and the rapper took to his Instagram story to respond.

In his story, Finesse 2 Tymes stated that City Girls was down 100 and that he didn’t understand why JT mentioned him. He also made a comment about JT’s body being too skinny and said that he could pick her up and break her.

This public spat between the two rappers has caught the attention of fans and industry insiders alike. Some have criticized JT for making unnecessary and hurtful comments about Finesse 2 Tymes, while others have defended her right to speak her mind.

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