EXCLUSIVE: “The Chi” Cast Members Dish On Black Culture And What To Expect On Season 5

At the Essence Festival this past weekend, SOHH caught up and did an interview with the cast of the Showtime original series, “The Chi.”

The Chi Cast

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“The Chi” cast members did an exclusive interview with SOHH at the Essence Festival this past weekend.

During the interview, the cast was asked about what viewers can expect this coming season, to which Jacob Latimore replied, 

“A lot of black love, a lot of debatable moments we going to have Twitter on their fingers.”

Furthermore, the cast members were also asked if they can drop a few hints about any upcoming episodes from this season. 

“Hell No!” Luke James said.

Latimore added;

“I have noticed people like to let the episodes come out and watch from 1 to 10.”

Lastly, the crew gave their thoughts on what gives them their black joy at the festival:

“Just seeing our people having a good time and coming through music, film, fashion, and hair.” Latimore said.

“All of our cultures and tribes, we’re all different tribes and coming into one space and sharing what makes us, us.” James added.

“Yeah, showing to the top degree.”  Yolonda Ross said.

Fans can catch the show every Sunday at 9 pm on Showtime.

Vince Staples Stars In “The Wood” Remake

In other Showtime original news, California-based rapper Vince Staples will be playing a role in Showtime’s new comedy pilot based on the 1999 film “The Wood.” 

This is the second time Staples is collaborating with director Rick Famuyiwa since he played a small role in Famuyiwa’s feature film “Dope” in 2015.