Drake Reached Out To Lizzo After Raunchy “Rumors” Line

Pop star Lizzo might have a chance. The music sensation has revealed that Toronto rapper Drake reached out to her after her controversial “Rumors” lyric about him.


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Drake Reached Out To Lizzo After Raunchy “Rumors” Line

Lizzo refused to get into any specifics, but said Drizzy did contact her after the raunchy lyric. The line went “No, I ain’t fu*k Drake yet,” and was reportedly first about Niall Horan before her label made it be changed. She and Horan were on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” together and discussed the song.

“I have heard from Drake. But that’s all I’m gonna say on that OK, so the original line was, ‘No, I ain’t fu*k Niall yet.’ The label said it was a little bit provocative. So I changed it to Drake, a safer bet.”

Lizzo Is Trying To Get With Drake

The 6 God’s new bae Johanna Leia might have to fight for her man. After dropping new single “Rumors” with Cardi B, Lizzo made it clear who she’s after.

Lizzo went to Twitter to send Drake a message in addition to the lyric. The popular crooner sang about not hooking up with him yet but noted she was definitely on the prowl.

“Last year, I thought I would losе it/Readin’ sh*t on the internеt/My smoothie cleanse and my diet/No, I ain’t fu*k Drake yet (Ha)”

In a new interview, she also divulged the meaning of the lyric. Lizzo told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe she thought it’d be funny to include the line.

“I just thought it would be so funny to say. I have a small relationship with him. He’s very cool.I just feel like women, there’s so many times where girls’ names get dropped in songs because they’re fine.”

Drake Tries Out Daddy Duties W/ Amari Bailey

The OVO Sound boss’ mini-me might be Adonis but it doesn’t mean he has to avoid sharing some daddy duties moments with his rumored girlfriend Johanna Leia’s son Amari Bailey. The hip-hop star has come through with an epic gift for the NBA-bound superstar.

New footage is circulating online showing Amari donning a super iced-out chain. Rather than leave things up to mystery, Bailey made sure to tag the OVO Sound head.

Johanna Leia Confirms Drake’s Her Vibe These Days

Vixen Johanna Leia is leaving little to the imagination when it comes to her love life. After getting spotted on a private date with rap superstar Drake, the popular model has only added more fuel to the fire by hyping up her 6 God connection.

Leia recently hit up her Instagram Story and did the most. She shared a steamy clip of herself walking around with Drake’s “Laugh Now Cry Later” anthem playing.

Days prior, Drake and Johanna made headlines after the 6 God rented out Dodger Stadium for a super romantic dinner. The duo were at a table for two along the championship team’s baseball field with a bartender keeping drinks coming.

An ABC7 news helicopter reporter went viral for sharing the insane proof to the masses.

“[email protected] ON A DATE? Randomly just flew over this cozy couple enjoying a private dinner along the third base line at an empty Dodger Stadium from #Air7HD @ABC7 #Drizzy”