DMX’s Fiancée Declares Loyalty Forever To Her Late King

Late hip-hop legend DMX has a lifelong partner in fiancée Desiree Lindstrom. The former Ruff Ryder leader’s soulmate has posted a touching statement declaring loyalty and causing supporters to tear up.


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DMX’s Fiancée Loyalty To Him

In her Instagram post, Desiree included a photo of herself posing by a memorial banner to X. Lindstrom is also seen holding their son, Exodus. In her statement, she speaks to DMX directly, proclaiming she will always ride for him, despite his passing.

“I will always stand next to, and for my king! I love you Earl…. You and Exodus are the best parts of my life! And will always be…. ?

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DMX + Fiancee Kiss In Uncovered Photo

Earlier this week, Desiree shared an intimate moment through Instagram and accompanied it with a message providing context around why she decided to post it. Lindstrom spoke to X in her message, confessing she missed waking up to his kisses and that life just wasn’t the same without him.

“Woke up missing your kisses! Life is completely not the same without you… omg I miss you so much! This is the hardest thing ever!!!! ? ? ? ? ??”

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Kanye West Raises $1 Million For DMX’s Family

A few days ago, reports surfaced about rap star Kanye West’s Yeezy apparel brand partnering with fashion house Balenciaga to produce tribute shirts for DMX, which went on sale the day of DMX’s public memorial service in Brooklyn.

The shirts retailed for 2 hundred dollars and reportedly sold out in 24 hours. They raked in 1 million dollars in profit for the family of the American Music Award winner, who died on April 9 at 50 years old.

DMX Now Officially Has A Day

Recently, New York stepped up as a city to honor the late hip-hop icon in a special way. The New York State Senate has reportedly declared a national day for the rapper and will officially recognize it from this point on.

From here on out, New York will honor December 18th — the late hip-hop icon’s birthday — as DMX Day. The news was announced by Erica Ford, co-founder of gun violence prevention organization Life Camp, and Priscilla Echi, a Westchester community activist, during a church service on Sunday, April 25th. The service was aired on BET as DMX’s “Homegoing Celebration”. (CoS)