Conway The Machine And Funk Flex Squash Beef With New Freestyle

After things went haywire between the two last week Funk Flex and Conway The Machine came together for a new freestyle dedicated to a late Hot 97 colleague.

Conway the Machine x Funk Flex

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Funk Flex and Conway The Machine put their differences aside and linked up for an exclusive freestyle on Hot 97 in tribute to the late Steve Smith who helped create the station back in the day.

Conway started off the track by calling out his haters who want him to fall off:

“I’ve been running shit for so long, niggas hoping I’m finish soon, praying on my downfall hoping to see a nigga lose, fuck the opps, opposition minuscule.”

Later on in the freestyle, Conway took a shot at people who troll him on Instagram:

“Niggas on Instagram talking like one of the frauds, fuck around and put in the trunk in one of your cars.”

Some folks on Twitter were not really enjoying the freestyle all that much.

One user said: “Conway and Funk Flex fake beefed just to drop mid.”

Another user said: “Funk Flex really was playing the wackest Conway song on Hot 97 tonight, nigga a troll for real.”

Funk Flex Responds To Conway The Machine

Prior to the freestyle, Flex, and Conway were on bad terms due to the Griselda’s member comments on New York DJs

Last week, Flex rescinded Conway The Machine’s remarks stating that older DJs from Hot 97 don’t play New York artists’ music:

“Hahaha! Huh! Why do I get on the nerves of a multi-platinum slash worldwide touring artist like Griselda? Managed by Roc Nation and signed to Interscope and Eminem?”

Flex set the record straight and explained that his age shouldn’t have Conway bothered.

“I’m old, over the hill, irrelevant, plus I’m not in tune with the new generation my support is not needed? Why Do I make so many people upset?”