Ciara Fans Criticize Teaser For Her New Track “For Da Girls”

Ciara fans are on the fence after she dropped a snippet of her newest track, “For Da Girls,” on Twitter. While some fans shared excitement for the new song, others called her a “hypocrite” for singing about being an independent woman and not needing a man.

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Ciara teased fans with a minute-long snippet of her newest track “For Da Girls” on her official Twitter page on Feb. 15. 

While many were ecstatic, others seemed to feel slighted by the lyrics within the new single. 

Fans Call Ciara A Hypocrite

In “For Da Girls,” Cici sings about being an “independent woman” and “not” needing a man. While some fans were vibing with her, others, not so much. 

Upset fans called her a “hypocrite,” as the song’s theme is mismatched with Cici’s seven-year  marriage to Denver Broncos’ quarterback Russell Wilson. In fact, Ciara’s relationship with Wilson has been known for being healthy in the public eye. The two lovebirds were even caught wearing  matching Gucci outfits, which broke the internet. 

However,  the lines in her song allude to singlehood. 

One fan asked in a Twitter post. “All the girls on a mission like you? You have a husband, yet tryna push single womanhood? You’re a pathetic hypocrite.”

Ciara has two children, Sienna Princess and Win Harrison, with Wilson. She also has a son, Future Zahir, with Atlanta rapper Future.  

Arguably, the song could be from a place of experience, considering Cici’s toxic relationship with the “Mask Off” rapper. The former ATL couple broke up in 2014 amid cheating rumors.

The new song seemed to be a miss as fans also asked Ciara to  “please stop,” as the response alluded to their wish to have a stable relationship like the one she has with Wilson.

“We’re tired of being independent,” a fan chimed in on Twitter. “We want a life like yours. Please stop promoting this type of music when you’re going straight home to get loved on.”

“Ciara’s Prayer” To The Lonely Anthem?

Fellow singer and frequent collaborator  Summer Walker even dropped the song, “Ciara’s Prayer,” with narration from the Texas native in 2021. The song discusses her seeking a similar relationship to Ciara’s with the Broncos quarterback. 

One fan said the song “made no sense” and pointed out in his Twitter post that it was a song about being single from a married woman.

Another fan states she’s fulfilling an “agenda” that will allow Black women to continue suffering. 

A Twitter user equated Ciara’s singing on singlehood to actors playing single roles.

Despite the lack of new music, Cici has had her hands full running Beauty Marks Entertainment, her record label which intersects with film, fashion, technology & philanthropy. 

She also founded The House of LR&C alongside Wilson,which is a retail boutique that offers apparel from the couple’s respective clothing lines.

Yung Miami Gets Tattoo To Show Diddy Love

Perhaps it’s possible fans rather wait on the “Caresha prayer” instead. The taboo, yet glamorous relationship between one-half of the City Girls’ Yung Miami and music mogul Diddy had social media in a frenzy. 

A photo of a tattoo on the Caresha, Please host’s left ring finger that says “Love” in a cursive script also resurfaced.

Additional Reporting By: Michael Omoruan