CheekoFUE Shot 8 Times, Releases New Single “In The Flesh”

Rapper CheekoFUE is grateful for surviving eight gunshots in a terrifying road rage incident. Road rage and gun violence are severe problems, particularly in Atlanta, Georgia, and can have disastrous effects. It is critical for drivers to prioritize safety, obey traffic laws, and avoid road rage.

With that being said, CheekoFUE is celebrating life with his most recent release “In The Flesh.” Recently, he took to his Instagram, to express great gratitude for his life. He couldn’t believe it had happened to him after two surgeries and a quick recovery in the hospital for ten days. He was absolutely taken aback by a meaningless crime committed out of rage on the road. Despite the fact that he needs to rest, he continues to work. As a result, he requested that a close friend bring his recording studio to the hospital. This prompted him to continue rapping with over 100 hospital visitors. When discussing the circumstances, he expresses gratitude for his support system at this trying period.

For now, get familiar with the thriving talent by pressing play on his trendy tracks on your preferred streaming platform. As we anxiously await his highly anticipated release , “In The Flesh”, also feel free to take some time to donate to his GO FUND ME. Lastly, stay locked here at 24 Hip-Hop for all things CheekoFUE!