Cardi B Shuts Down Offset Pregnancy Rumors: “Sexy Mission Fail”

New York rapper Cardi B is not pregnant. Some fans initially wondered this after a recent Instagram post she made showing her husband Offset appearing to place his hands on her tummy except she’s come out to clear the air.

Cardi B Hilariously Clears Up Any Pregnancy Rumors

Cardi took to Twitter with a hilarious message. She let it be known she does not have another baby on the way and her Instagram post was just a “sexy mission fail” of her boo Offset grabbing her booty.

“Not me posting a picture on IG of Set grabbing my a** cheek and people in the comments thinking he touching a pregnant belly….Sexy mission fail” – Cardi B’s Twitter

Social Media Responds To Cardi B’s Post

Social media originally erupted after Cardi B’s post. Fans took to Twitter with speculation and rumors about if she had a baby on the way or not.

Offset’s Cardi B Booty Grab

Cardi has zip-zero problems showcasing her love for husband. The hip-hop heavyweight initially went to her social media pages with a super gushy shot of her king grabbing a handful of her booty.

“Can’t wait to get home ….HornyHyena”

Offset Takes Her $650K B-Day Present Out

A few weeks ago, the Georgia native went to his Instagram page with a priceless shot of himself. The pic featured him matching with the color of his born day gift from Cardi B and kicking out some motivation to his followers.

“Talk behind my back cause you want my life But take that up with God he gave it to me” -Offset’s Instagram

Days prior, Offset shared footage of himself losing his mind after Cardi surprised him with his whip.

“SVJ MY BODY Thank you bae @iamcardib”

Offset can’t believe his eyes. The rap superstar shares footage of his limited edition new whip purchased courtesy of his queen Cardi B. In celebration of his 29th birthday, Cardi dropped well over half a million dollars on the fancy vehicle.