Cardi B Fights Back In Met-Gala Autograph Attack Lawsuit

New York rapper Cardi B is proving there’s two sides to every story. The hip-hop star has responded to a lawsuit by a man who claimed he was beaten up by the “WAP” hitmaker’s bodyguards.


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Cardi B Requests Lawsuit Dismissed

In a lawsuit directed at Cardi and filed by a man named Giovanni Arnold, it describes being attacked following a Met Gala after-party, an attack Cardi has recently addressed and said he instigated himself.

According to new docs, obtained by TMZ, Cardi says autograph seeker Giovanni Arnold instigated the alleged attack in May 2018 following a Met Gala after-party. She claims Arnold can be heard on video verbally attacking her and Offset after unsuccessfully and aggressively trying to get her autograph. The most incriminating part of the video, according to Cardi, is when Arnold shouts, “Please beat me up. I’ll take all of your money.” (TMZ)

Candace Owens Accuses Cardi B Of Slander

In March 2021, conservative political commentator Candace Owens claimed she was going to sue Cardi B for slandering her family. During their spat over “WAP,” Cardi shared what appeared to be an old tweet from Owens confessing that her husband cheated on her with her brother. However, all evidence points to that tweet being fake.

“We are suing Cardi B. You will be able to watch this play out in the courtroom. It is unacceptable that any person would use doctored tweets to try and libel and slander my family members, my private family members, and think that I’m going to take that sitting down.” (Candace Owens on FOX News)

In December 2020, Cardi was originally sued by Raphael, her former manager, who filed for breach of contract after claiming she backed out of signing with WSMG. The lawsuit was for $10 million, but she filed a countersuit for triple the amount. The lawsuit has been active since 2018 but is officially settled now, with both sides not being able to pursue further action, according to legal documents.

“This action, including all claims and counterclaims, is hereby dismissed in its entirety with prejudice against all parties. The parties have further agreed that all parties to this action shall bear their own costs and attorney’s fees.” (AHH)

Cardi Has A Big Check Coming

In December 2020, initial buzz suggested B would get paid upwards of over $32 million for checks she never received in royalties halted due to an ongoing suit. She went online earlier in the year to speak on the matter.

“According to my lawyers alittle but more then that but it can’t be touch till my litigation is over.Its just can’t be touch till we solve the despute.But when that fat a** check hit my account all at once it’s gonna be lit .Thats why I never trip cause it’s there,” Cardi responded to this fan tweet: “Whoa that’s crazy see. I don’t know about how artist get paid but correct me if I’m wrong. I think Cardi B made at least $32M worth of hits in 2 years cause like EVERYTHING went Gold & Platinum and she never got paid once?!”