Cardi B Compares Herself + Offset To Dragon Ball Z Animé Icons

New York rapper Cardi B might low-key have a love for animé. The hip-hop superstar has lit up social media to geek out over her marriage goals with husband Offset by referencing a couple of “Dragon Ball Z” icons.

Cardi B Salutes Dragon Ball Z

The “WAP” superstar hit up Instagram with a must-like shot alongside her king. She took things a step further with a salute to animé heads by referencing characters Majin Buu and Goku.

“Majin Buu & Goku”

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Cardi B salutes Dragon Ball Z.

Cardi also shared a clip of herself rocking her stunning fit outdoors.

“Enjoy life”

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Cardi B Drops Thirst Trap Video

Earlier in the week, Cardi took to her Instagram to move her body to some reggaeton. Rocking just a tank top and a pair of black underwear, she left little to the imagination and delivered some serious Latina vixen vibes.

“I’m ready to go home 😏”

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Cardi B Stars In Assisted Living Comedy

Cardi B has conquered music, TV, social media and fashion, and now she’s coming for the movie industry. The Grammy-winning artist has booked her first lead role on the big screen, as she’s set to star in the Paramount comedy Assisted Living. In Assisted Living, Cardi B plays a thief who tries to hide from the cops and criminals chasing her by disguising herself as a senior citizen at her grandma’s nursing home. Think Big Momma’s House meets Sister Act. This isn’t Cardi’s first movie role, but this will be her debut as the lead character.

(Cardi B) made her feature film debut opposite Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu and Keke Palmer in Hustlers, the 2019 crime drama about strippers who turn the tables on their wealthy Wall Street clientele. She also secured a role in F9, the next entry in Universal’s Fast & Furious franchise.

WAP + Kodak Yellow Music Videos Costs Revealed

On Twitter, Cardi B recently revealed the cost of some of her most popular music videos. She said that “WAP” — featuring Megan The Stallion on the track, plus Kylie Jenner and Mulatto in the visual — cost $1 million to make, while the video for her first mainstream hit “Bodak Yellow” was a relatively cheap $15,000.

“Fun fact: Bodak yellow music video cost me 15 thousand dollars .I was in Dubai and I said …. I gotta fly picture (videographer) out here … BOOM BOOM BANG ! Ya know the rest … Money cost 400K, Please me Cost 900K , Wap Cost a M !”