Born From an infectious TikTok Video, ‘JOY’ Marks Spacexthato’s New Single

Happiness, rain, sunshine and expressing gratitude for life’s simple pleasures is what’s at the centre of Hip hop artist Spacexthato’s latest single ‘JOY‘. This single takes its essence from a chance encounter with a Jamaican child’s infectiously cheerful TikTok page. Spacexthato was immediately drawn to the uplifting message he shared and decided to infuse a sample he created from the video into the track.

The resulting song combines gratitude with a certain swagger unique to Spacexthato and his assured rap flows. Spacexthato refers to ‘JOY‘ as a representation of a broader vision he has for his upcoming EP, of which he’s excited to share when the time is right. Catch ‘JOY‘ for a taste of this upcoming rapper’s most exciting material to date.

“JOY” captures the essence of happiness, rain, sunshine, and gratitude for life’s simple pleasures. The song combines Spacexthato’s assured rap flows with a certain swagger that is uniquely his own. It serves as a teaser of the broader vision he has for his upcoming EP, which he eagerly anticipates sharing with the world.

Spacexthato, formerly known as Space X, is a talented Hip-Hop/Rap artist and producer hailing from South Africa. He first discovered his passion for music during his junior high school years and has been honing his skills ever since. With over a hundred active songs available in the depths of the internet, Spacexthato’s dedication to his craft is only building and sure to attract a lot more recognition as he progresses with his career. It’s just the beginning for the zealous Spacexthato, and the future is undoubtedly bright.

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