Asian Da Brat Denies King Von Documentary “Serial Killer” Allegations

In a recent tweet, Asian Da Brat stated that the documentary King Von: Rap’s First Serial Killer falsely labeled him as a serial killer. Following the release of the documentary, fans took to Twitter to share their own reactions, with some alleging that Von was indeed a serial killer.

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On April 11, a documentary titled King Von: Rap’s First Serial Killer was released. As a response, the late Chicago rapper’s ex-girlfriend, Asian Da Brat took to Twitter and argued that Von was mislabeled. 

Asian Calls Bluff

In Asian Da Brat’s tweet on April 14, she said the new documentary’s claims referring to Von as a serial killer was untrue. The “Pull Up” rapper was in an on-and-off relationship with Von towards the last years of his life, and dedicated several tattoos on her body to him.

In the three-hour documentary, Von is accused of shooting and killing at least 10 people. It is also mentioned that the murders began when he was a teenager in Chicago.

Users on Twitter were quick to comment on the documentary and allegations. One user joked about how long the documentary was saying that she went to sleep, and woke up saying Von was “still killing people.” Another user simply called the documentary “insane.” 

Many of Von’s lyrics mention people getting shot and killed, which led to the documentary. In his 2020 song, “Go N Get Em,” Von rapped,

“We gon’ go and get him (we gon’ go and get him) And if he ain’t alone, we killin’ everybody with him (everybody with him) On my mama, I’m official (I’m official).”

Only The Family (OTF) label mate and fellow Chicago rapper Lil Durk has paid tributes to Von since his death in 2020 with flashbacks on his social media accounts. Meanwhile, New York rapper 6ix9ine continued to troll Von even in death.

Chicago Rapper Seen Stepping On King Von’s Grave; Fans Call It Disrespectful

In January 2023, Chicago rapper, Aveena Bankrollz posted an image on her Instagram of her standing on King Von’s grave. Users in the comment section did not take the photo well and told Bankrollz to “watch” her back and also insulted her with expletives.