Ari Fletcher Gets Slammed By Designer

Ari Fletcher, better known as @therealkylesister on social media, is receiving backlash after wearing a “knock-off” dress to the BET Awards.

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Fashion designer Gigi Hunter says she sent the influencer a dress but never received credit.

Black Fashion Designer Gigi Hunter handmade a black knit dress for Ari Fletcher. The veteran designer had an expectation of a tag and post on her Instagram due to a prior agreement. 

On Sunday, Fletcher stepped onto the BET Awards red carpet in a similar ensemble. However, the dress had a tan color with holes cut out at the hips. 

Text messages dating back to May of 2021 reveal that instead of Fletcher sending the original dress back, Hunter was ignored. 

Gigi insisted Fletcher, on multiple occasions, send back the dress if she didn’t want it. The original deal was for the vixen to receive a free custom dress in exchange for a tag and post, but instead, Fletcher wore a knock-off of her brand at the awards.

MoneyBagg Yo’s boo told the designer that she planned to wear the dress in the Bahamas but allegedly never followed through. Hunter said she made the dress for free and would like it back to sell.

Ari argued that she was not required to wear the dress since payment and contracts weren’t involved. She said the dress that the dress was “ugly,” therefore she chose not to wear it.

The Gigi Hunter Collection includes handmade knitwear that was very popular in the early 2000s. Her celebrity clients include Beyonce, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and Halle Berry.

Rihanna Reportedly Drops Ari Fletcher From Savage X Fenty After Insensitive Domestic Violence Comments

Ari might not be the best at keeping business relationships.  

Rihanna dropped the socialite from her Savage X Fenty brand after Fletcher made some questionable comments about domestic violence victims.

The vixen got into hot water after she went on the “Don’t Call Me White Girl” podcast to talk about how she outgrew some toxic behavior in her relationship with rapper, Moneybagg Yo.  

During the conversation, Ari explained the crazy drama that would ensue when she would throw temper tantrums and threaten to leave him until he proved how much he wanted her by pulling out his gun.