Akon Under Fire For Controversial Comments On “The Joe Budden Podcast”

Akon was under fire for his comments on Joe Budden’s podcast in December. The Senegalese artist said men are “gods” and the creators of life. In his opinion, women should support that life.

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Recently, Konvict Muzik founder Akon was scrutinized for his polarizing comments on The Joe Budden Podcast. The interview took place in December 2022 but has since resurfaced. 

During the interview, the Senegalese artist discussed how women in Africa were compared to women in the United States.  

He also said, “A woman can never compare to a man,” the “Hold My Hand” rapper said. “They have to understand that here in America, the women don’t create life, they support the creation of life. The man is who creates life. Man, we’re Gods. We [are] the ones who create life.”

Akon further elaborated his beliefs, adding that men can create a life instantly without a woman, but women wouldn’t be able to create a life without a man. The five-time Grammy nominee continued by saying he could put his sperm into an incubator and wait nine months to make a baby if he wanted to.

Responses to his statements poured in on social media. A skit by TikTok user @thebaddestmitch appears to parody Akon’s comments. 

One Twitter user said Akon’s comments exemplify why everyone shouldn’t have a platform.

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