50 Cent Gives Rare Look At His Aunt G-Money Boo’d Up W/ Quincy

New York rapper 50 Cent is all about putting family first. The hip-hop veteran goes to his social media pages to gives a rare look and snapshot of his “Power Book III: Raising Kanan” actor Quincy sharing a special moment with his real-life aunt G-Money.


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50 Cent Gives Rare Look At His Aunt

Fifty hit up his Instagram page to share the epic snapshot. The pic features Quincy and Auntie G having a solid moment together at a “Power Book III” event.

“that’s my Aunt Gmoney.”

Fifty also shared a snapshot of on-again, off-again rap rival Diddy’s son at an event for their “Power Book III: Raising Kanan” series. 50 credited Q’s acting on the show as reason enough to put their past problems in the dirt.

“Raising Kanan got that heat @quincy performance in the show is no joke, ?I looked at his tapes and said f*ck fighting wit puffy.This ni66a is to good, yeah i’m a need him in this.”

50 Cent Reacts To Diddy/Daphne Joy Outing

In April 2021, Fifty went to his Instagram page to share a pic of what appeared to be his ex-girlfriend and son Sire Jackson‘s mom Daphne Joy and Puffy together. Instead of holding a grudge, 50 vowed to stay out of their possible romance.

“?Nah me and puff fight over business sh*t,If he like the girl, he like the girl ?I don’t give a f*ck ! #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi”

50 Cent’s Baby Mama Gives Powerful PSA

Back in March 2021, Daphne lit up social media with a selfie and strong caption. She acknowledged Women’s Awareness Month and spoke directly to her lady followers.

“There is beauty about a woman whose confidence comes from experiences. Who knows she can fall and pick herself back up. A woman who is determined to follow her own path no matter the obstacle. That woman is you! Happy International Women’s Day!”

Recently, Joy went to her Instagram page with an eye-opening shot. The pic featured her modeling alongside a pool and artistically using a small cup to cover her lower region.

“What’s the tea?”

The possible Internet-breaking shot also left vixen Erica Mena stunned in her comments section.

“Wow” -Erica Mena

The Daddy Duties Stay Activated

In August 2020, Fifty went to his Instagram page and didn’t hold back on melting the world’s heart with priceless daddy duties moments. Fif’s father-son moment with his and Joy’s son Sire sparked positive co-signs from Daphne and comedian friend Michael Blackson.

“me and little Big man SIRE. #bransonscognac” -50 Cent’s Instagram

“?? ??” -Daphne Joy

“Everyday is Father’s Day in your crib. Nothing like hanging out with someone that came out your balls. You are a loving father. Love this” -Michael Blackson

“Warm.” -Jill Scott

In early June 2020, Curtis Jackson shared a few heartfelt moments alongside Sire. Fif unloaded a batch of pics showing just himself and his mini-me.