10 Year-Old Black Girl Commits Suicide After Racist Bullying At Utah School

A Black student in Utah has passed after committing suicide at her parent’s home. Isabella Tichenor was 10 years old and was bullied at her Utah school, Foxboro Elementary, for her autism and race.

Isabella Tichenor

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Black Utah Student Commits Suicide In Racist School District

A 10-year-old Black student in Utah has passed away after committing suicide due to bullying at her school. Izzy Tichenor was also autistic and regularly told her mom about the racist treatment she received at her school in the Davis School District. The district is the second-largest school district and is mostly white.

Her mother is blaming the school as she had complained several times to the school about the racial bullying her daughters experienced; the school district had also been the subject of a federal racism investigation. A GoFundMe account had raised more than $15,000 for Isabella’s funeral expenses.

Here’s Some Expert Advice On How To Recognize Suicidal Thoughts And Combat Them

Though Izzy’s case is one that not only centers on mental health but ableism and racism, the reality of suicidal thoughts is a conversation that needs to be had. Feeling depressed and being depressed can both lead to suicidal thoughts. 

According to YouTube influencer and noted psychiatrist Dr. Tracey Marks, there are two types of suicidal thoughts: active and passive. “Active suicidal thinking is when you think through a plan and consider the options needed to do it,” says Dr. Marks. “Passive suicidal thinking is believing that life isn’t worth living or thinking ‘what’s the point?’ but you might have not thought through a plan.”

For persons experiencing suicidal thoughts, Dr. Mark’s solution is to create a suicide safety plan. One of her safety plans includes these 6 steps:

  1. Identify warning signs.
  2. Write down coping strategies. 
  3. Identify social contacts or settings that can distract you from the crisis. 
  4. Engage friends or family members. You want to list 3 or more people in order of priority, with the first person on the list being the most supportive of you. 
  5. Contact a professional or an agency. 
  6. Make your environment safe.

If you are depressed and need help, contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline immediately.

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