The Three O Five Presents: The Kid’s New Album The Kid and Friends

We have the distinct pleasure to present beat maker, singer and producer The Kid’s new album The Kid and Friends, produced by The Kid, mixed by Mertz, and mastered by The Arcitype at The Bridge Sound & Stage. This record emcompasses years of work by The Kid, a tour de force given the number of collaborations (over 10) that he successfully managed to bring to completion in December 2019.  2 tracks are paired with visuals; “Yeah“, “You Can’t Get This Money“, and “Dark.” 

A blend of old school 90’s vibe merged with today’s production tools, effects and textures, The Kid has imagined a tracklist of hypnotizing bops that never gets boring, thanks to the countless artists, moods, and themes incorporated in the LP. 

A separate project by The Kid is the “Album Pack$,” a selection of 160 beats divided into 7 packs, created by himself and available for sale on his website