Stream Vincent Poag’s Masterpiece Album Masquerade

Vincent Poag’s latest album is like a library of wisdom wrapped in an artistic delivery that is unlike anything you have ever heard before. Masquerade is a collection of twelve exquisite songs, each a different story. 

“Barcelona”, the first song on the list, is a depiction of a lovely romance in the beautiful city where the Spanish guitar is ever present. The artist’s tone here is positive and warm, reminiscing on the fiery feeling of falling in love.  

On the other hand, “In The Jungle” depicts a story about how danger lurks all around and how we all actually live in a jungle, metaphorically speaking. Here Vincent Poag’s voice is more playful as if presenting us with a theory and letting us – the audience, make their own conclusions.

Some of the other stand-out tracks include “America” and “Cradle Moon”, both incredibly emotional songs that show the listener truth without superficiality or sugarcoating.

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