Statik G’s Latest Album Gene Therapy – Final Chapter Is A Must-Hear

Rapper and hip hop artist Statik G dropped his album Gene Therapy – Final Chapter with nineteen songs that strike as absolutely sincere and heartfelt creations. “Hold Me Down” is one of the stand-out tracks, a beautiful composition charged with the intensity of real-life experiences and impactful lyrics. The musical soundscapes and the melodic vocals happening in the background are original, modern, and memorable, positioning Statik G yet again as the master of his art.

Statik G had previously released several great songs that are now part of the album with hundreds of thousands of streams and plays like “Fml”, “Smoke Drank Fx#k”, “Stay tf Away” with Rittz and “Anxious”. Statik G skillfully melts various genres like hip hop, drill, gangsta rap, rock, punk rock and more into his music, creating an honest and intimate atmosphere with his fans. 

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