Smino shares new song “Mister Misfit but Ain’t Missed a Fit in Months”

Smino last released an album in 2022 (the very good Luv 4 Rent), but luckily for the St. Louis rapper, he’s got a level of charisma that serves as its own form of momentum, keeping him in the conversation even if he’s not dropping an album. That may change in 2024, as today Smino returns with the excellently-titled “Mister Misfit but Ain’t Missed a Fit in Months,” his first song of the year.

As the song’s title suggests, “Misfit” is an ode to Smino’s swag. “This some rich shit, like Gucci pampers for my runts,” Smino raps at the beginning of the song over a beat with the looped chipmunked soul of early Kanye West and the bounce of UGK. josshflores directs the music video (with creative direction from City James), which sees Smino putting his money where his mouth is and playing four separate people in a studio session, each dressed in a very solid fit. Watch it above.