Nasser Is On Fire Releasing Single After Single: “One More Chance?”

Orlando-based artist Nasser recently came out with a new single titled “One More Chance?” This heartfelt composition was written by Nasser himself and produced by Brian Baso and Doug Woodrow. The distinct, catchy tune, casual tone and Nasser’s beautiful lyrics make for an absolute hit. 

Nasser is the king of experimentation, fusing pop, r&b, hip-hop and electro into smooth music that cannot be pinned down. His authenticity and talent combined with all the hard work Nasser put in, are the recipe of greatness. “One More Chance?” is his third single. Earlier this year Nasser released “Feel This” and “I’m Fine, two nonchalantly beautiful songs that have gathered thousands of streams. His debut mixtape “ForNever” is to be released in December and is much anticipated. 

“One More Chance?” is a top-notch production that reflects the artist’s many facets, delivering a groovy, warm sound that pleasantly surprises the listener.

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