Mayia’s Boundless Talent All Over Her New Single “Nobody”

Mayia Cohen, better known as Mayia, is releasing her second single titled “Nobody,” a deeply personal and moving song that confirms the astonishing potential audiences first heard on her debut single “Temporary.” Her fine artistry and performing skills are truly inspiring, especially knowing that she is just debuting her journey in music. This vibrant new single further showcases the genuine chemistry between the instrumental, beat, and vocals. With Mayia, nothing seems superficial or overcooked. Everything falls in its right place, perfectly timed and performed. 

She has been compared to iconic artists including Alicia Keys, but what truly sets Mayia apart from her peers is her confidence to create her very own mix of sounds, including fusions between Jazz and pop, but also between electronic beats and R&B. 

Overall, the free spirited artist once again proves that she can be consistent and relentlessly deploy her sharp vision one hit after the other.  

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