Master Of Electro Woodii Relishes In New Single Titled “In My Sleep”

It’s easy to say that Woodii’s inevitable rise is creeping closer than ever, because of his authentic style, incredible talent and raw expressions, which are all to be enjoyed in his new single “In My Sleep.” An electrifying song with strong hints of a human touch, the artist completely knocks it out of the park with his new track, showcasing his immense talent in a new light. 

Unlike any other electronic musician, Woodii had a rather unconventional beginning to his musical career. The young artist was attending one of the best EDM festivals in Japan called Ultra Japan and there, he found his true passion in life. One of the fundamental differences between Woodii and his peers is that he is a music fan before being a musician– an attribute that helps him create his music from the perspective of the listener. 

A renowned traveler in his own right, Woodii takes all kinds of inspirations from different cultures, experiences and implements those acquired notions in his works, especially when it comes to his latest single “In My Sleep,” a sensational track that satisfies all kinds of EDM and techno fans. 

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