Mahaji Shows Off Official Music Video for “Snowing”

With Prvnci on the line, Branden Daniels, better known as Mahaji, comes through with a hit single titled “Snowing.” The song was also released with a matching music video adding drama to intrigue.

With so many tracks on his rap sheet, Mahaji continues his form for unearthing new sounds and fresh production. “Snowing” is an uplifting, feel-good rap track, where his talented chops are on full display across the moving almost 3-minute track.

The track sees a whirlwind of sparkling synths and beats colliding with robust, crunching vocals for a bravely upbeat song. “Snowing” has Mahaji and  Prvnci shuffling their talents to create a bouncing, infectious track.

Overall, the song and music video round out to an exciting, smile-inducing presentation.

Watch “Snowing” down below.