Justin S. Grant Points To What Inspires Him In New Single “Fuego N’ Ice”

LA-based American singer-songwriter Justin S. Grant has released a brand new single with visuals titled “Fuego N’ Ice.” Justin points to what truly inspires him in this new single that sonically ranges from pop to rap, rock, and everything between. He’s been making his way in the music scene since earlier this year when he released his debut single, “Don’t Go!” 

Justin S. Grant is adept at exploring and experimenting with various genres, from experimental pop to rap, electronic, and rock. His genuine songwriting and humorous tones fill his singles with an addictive energy, once again showcased on his latest, the sensually transportative “Fuego N’ Ice.” 

The stunning visuals released with the song revolve around Justin S. Grant and a beautiful girl in a bar late at night, dancing and teasing each other, that could be interpreted as the start of a new romance between the two.