IMMUNITY Explores Today’s Reality In New Single “Trust The Algorithm”

Germany-based metalcore band IMMUNITY recently came out with a sobering single “Trust The Algorithm” which already has thousands of views on YouTube. This is due to the band members’ masterful combination of music and lyrics and of course, to the cinematic portrayal of a mass shooting that is broadcast live via the shooter’s phone. 

Unexpected and original, this music video and the song are trying to show how we as a society are knee-deep in technology and depend on likes and comments as if they were food and water. Art has always been the most effective way to get people to stop and think and “Trust The Algorithm” is most certainly an art piece of its own. 

IMMUNITY members are two talented men – Dominik Maiser and Adrien Dembowski – who are not afraid to speak up and express their true thoughts through their music. “Trainwreck” is the band’s previous release from earlier this year which has around 100K views.

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