Hurri Haran shares new song/video “On & On”

Hurri Haran. Photo by Rowmel Findley


Hurri Haran made his mark on summer 2023 with his debut song “Beyoncé,” a pitch-perfect combination of Afropop, dancehall, and hip-hop built for sweaty cookouts with cold drinks. Newly signed to Arista, the N.Y.C. artist returns with his latest single “On & On.”

This time around, Haran’s got his ear trained on early ’00s R&B. Fluttery vocal melodies hover over thumping drums and glowing chords all conspiring to create the image of a poolside cabana far away from the lames Haran coos about.

In a statement about the song, Haran said: “‘On & On’ is a song I made for listeners in relationships to have something to resonate with in situations where they have the person they want, but see another person trying to pursue them. It’s really about being happy with your partner and trusting them.”

Hear the song in the music video, a video diary entry starring Haran and his smitten partner, below.