Erika de Casier announces new album Still

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Erika De Casier


Colin Solal Cardo

Copenhagen-based artist Erika de Casier has confirmed details of a new album. Still, de Casier’s third project, will be released on February 21 via 4AD. “Lucky,” the album’s lead single, is streaming below.

“Lucky” is a dreamy piano ballad jerked into life with the introduction of breakbeats. It comes with a video that pays homage to early YouTube clips of people walking alone on the beach.

Still follows de Casier’s first two albums; 2019 release Essentials and its 2021 follow-up Sensational. Guests on the new album include Blood Orange (“Twice”), Shygirl (“Ex-Girlfriend”), and rap duo They Hate Change (“ice”).

de Casier produced the album alongside her regular collaborator N, with Nick León, Jonathan Jull Ludvigsen, Carl Emil Johansen, Niels Kirk, Christian Rhode Lindinger, Kirsten Nyhus Janssen, and Tobias Sachse also working alongside her on the 14-track project.

Last year de Casier co-wrote K-pop group New Jeans‘s Get Up EP including the single “Super Shy,” named by The FADER as the best song of 2023.


Still artwork + tracklist

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1. Right This Way

2. Home Alone

3. Lucky

4. The Princess

5. ice featuring They Hate Change

6. Test It

7. ooh

8. Believe It

9. Anxious

10. Ex-Girlfriend featuring Shygirl

11. Toxic

12. My Day Off

13. Twice featuring Blood Orange

14. Someone