David Rothman ‘The Rap Knight’ Details New Music

David Rothman’s Spotify

Expect big things from David Rothman! The Rap Knight is a refreshingly uplifting track in which David shares about his optimism and happiness during the year 2020, which might seem like an ironic gesture. But his thoughtful and uplifting lyrics about family, relationships, and dreams are exactly the kind of thing we need right now, and David capitalizes on this perfectly.

David also delivered the production for the song, showcasing his talents and instincts as a composer and musician. The song has a catchy combination of synth keyboards and lead tones, utilizing a fast tempo and a rich driving beat. The song matches the uplifting feel of the lyrics, making for a nice escape, and a surprisingly pure one. You can listen to the new single here.

On his music journey, Rothman explains,

“As a member of the Recording Academy it’s been a dream to get a chance to produce and release music. Looking forward to releasing more music in the near future. Music has always been a big part of my life… I first got into the industry by attending a lot of shows and was socializing with all people in the music industry.”

You might have seen David a few times at the roc nation brunch.. but always stayed more behind the scenes, he has worked with a bunch of people under the roc nation umbrella, as he continues to tell his story, expect more music from this artist!