Bktherula announces new project LVL 5 P2 with song/video “Crayon”

LVL 5 P2 with song/video “Crayon””>

Bktherula. Photo by Jimmy Fontaine.


Bktherula has announced a new project titled LVL 5 P2, the direct sequel to her most recent record. The album is due out March 8 via Warner Records and its lead single, “Crayon,” is out now.

On the new song, the Atlanta MC darts across a persistent, bass-heavy beat, moving through two hooks and an interceding verse like a running back slicing through a defensive line. “And that bitch talk so much shit but she ain’t gon’ say nun’ / If you wanna race me up to the top, then bitch, put the Tay-K on,” she raps in a nimble, Auto-Tuned flow.

The song comes with a music video in which Bk rides through a city, finding creative uses for her seemingly endless supply of crayons along the way. Watch the clip and stream the song below.