Yk Osiris Arrested For Assault On His Girlfriend

Yk Osiris is being held on a felony charge in Atlanta for aggravated assault by strangulation on his girlfriend at a birthday party.

     According to the police report, Osiris’ girlfriend told police back in September she got into a physical altercation with Osiris at his birthday event, which ended up with him choking her and biting her face. His girlfriend stated she confronted Osiris after seeing an image on his phone of another woman. The girlfriend claimed at that point they started yelling and Osiris stated “I am going to slap the shit out of you”.

      He then chased her up some stairs into a bathroom where the alleged assault took place. She claims she bit his lips to get him to back up off of her and the confrontation was eventually broken up. Osiris has been denied bond following his arrest, and he’s got a preliminary hearing later this month at the Fulton County Courthouse.