Tyga Drops $10M Lawsuit Against Birdman & Lil Wayne

Tyga sued Cash Money and Young Money record labels for refusing to pay him royalties when it came down to his albums “Careless World” and “Hotel California.” Tyga departed ways in 2016 when he asked for Cash Money to pay him the money that was owed and never heard anything in return. Eventually, things got heated and there was no other way out unless Tyga sued them for $10 million in damages and breach of contract.

Everything was looking good for Tyga and was assured he’d get his money and win the lawsuit but seems like he had a change of heart and has decided to drop his $10 million lawsuits towards Birdman. Tyga let the courts know that he voluntarily dismissed all claims against Young Money and Cash Money this means the entire case will be closed.

The record labels previously denied all allegations of breaking any laws and insisted for the lawsuit to be thrown out. They were also asking the courts to make Tyga be ordered to pay their legal invoices. At a moment things had appeared to be coming towards a settlement but things seemed to have turned left. Birdman at one point was claiming that Tyga was the one who actually owed money to them. There is no explanation or reasoning why Tyga decided to drop the lawsuit.