Tommie Lee Arrested Again While Being Drunk In court

L&HH Star Tommie Lee had court on Wednesday March 20, 2019 in Cobb County, GA regarding her case with her daughter. While appearing for her court it was said she was drunk and obnoxious leading to her arrest once again. Unintentionally her newest mug shot above was exposed and is now all over the internet. The judge requested for Tommie to get an immediate drug and alcohol test. Results came back from measuring on how much alcohol was found in her blood making it 0.16 twice the legal limit causing her to violate her probation and sending her back to jail with no bond.

Tommie is now facing up to 54 years in prison if convicted on all charges. By the looks of it, she might have to stay in jail until she starts her trial. On a better note we saw she posted on Instagram stating tomorrow she is releasing a music video named “Truth” featuring Anthony Hamilton glad to see she’s still doing what she loves no matter what’s going on with her personal life but we do hope she gets some professional help for her constant drinking habits.