Tee Grizzley’s Car Shot Up in Detroit Killing His Manager

Tee Grizzley just lost his manager after his car was sprayed with bullets Tuesday night as he drove around Detroit.

The police states the deadly shooting was at night when the shooter had walked up to Grizzley’s Cadillac Escalade and let a few rounds go off hitting Jobina Brown who is his aunt/manager was sitting in the back seat when she got hit.

Sources say the car had made a complete stopped and Tee Grizzley was stepping out of the front passenger seat as the unknown shooter approached on foot towards the vehicle and pulled the trigger hitting Jobina in her left side. The driver of the SUV told cops he heard Jobina scream right before 3 to 4 shots were fired.

It is unclear if Tee Grizzley was the main target in this attack thankfully no one else was hurt. They are saying the rapper stayed on the scene while the driver called 911 and waited for the ambulance to arrive and rush his aunt to the nearest hospital. Where unfortunately she passed away due to the gun wounds she was only 41 years old.