Remy Kills Nicki Minaj In New Freestyle Diss

Female rappers Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj have been throwing jabs back and forth at each other the last few months.Now Remy has taken off the gloves and went in for the kill with her latest release “Shether”.She basically insulted Nicki in every possible way from her fake butt to her brothers pending rape case.She also mentioned the fact that Nicki was not able to have sex with her ex boyfriend Meek Mill because of complications with her butt implants.The internet went crazy after hearing vicious lines from Remy like how Nicki was basically a Young money Thot who betrayed her crew after she got with Meek.She also mentioned the fact that she slept with Hot 97 program director Ebro.The insults go on and on fans of both artist are on standby waiting to see if Nicki will respond to Remy.Nicki did respond to others like Trey Songs to clear the air Remy’s accusation as well as responding with her records sales and other musical and career accomplishments.This did not sit well with some fans as they are pleading Nicki to defend her title as queen of rap with straight bars as they might say.

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