Kodak Black Free At Last

Not quite free but it’s the best we could have hoped for….

Rapper Kodak Black caught a big break yesterday when a judge gave him the best case scenario on future success.Kodak was facing 8 years in prison after violating his probation by traveling to an Adrian Broner boxing match and a Miami strip club.Both without the consent of his probation officer,he was also accused of assaulting a bartender the night of the strip club event.

Kodak addressed the judged and stated “Depending on the outcome of this, it could be the beginning of my career, or the end of my career,” .His attorney also spoke on his behalf
“Life skills is essentially a course in jail that teaches you certain things like checkbook writing, how to keep a checkbook,” Cohen said. “It teaches you things that they don’t teach in school anymore.”

After the judges decision “I think Mr. Octave is thrilled,” Cohen said. “I think it’s a great outcome, I think it’s very fair what the judge did.”

We hope Kodak can stay out of trouble because we really do want to see him winnnninnnggggg…..

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