The whole nation angered by the events taken place
involving George Floyd’s caused everyone to come together. On May 25th, an African American man died due to an officer’s attempt to arrest him. During the arrest, Floyd was forced to the ground with the officer’s knee on his neck as he gasps for air. His last words were I can’t breathe. The officer continued to rest his knee in his throat, which resulted in the death. As footage of the horrific incident surfaced all over the media, America is Outraged. The officer did not charge with homicide, but the autopsy they provided said the man died from other reasons. With this information at hand, many Americans band together in peaceful protest for the officer responsible for receiving the right charges. As the days go by, the truth is coming out, and America is coming together to make more change occur. Many public figures are doing what they can to aid the issue, such as bailing protesters out of jail and standing with the people. According to Hollywood Unlocked, Famous boxer Floyd Mayweather offers to pay for floyd’s Funeral.
“I felt it was important to share this because his voice has a global impact that needs to be heard, especially during these times,”