Caffeine is a streaming platform where one may watch live Content and Connect daily. The app includes games and sports live streams. Discover streams hosted by the best broadcasters.Caffeine has  focused on partnering with high-profile celebrities such as,The Game, Ronnie2k and Offset are just a few names you will see on the app,Esports tournaments from DreamHack, Riot, & FACEIT.

People are able to Watch their favorites live, every week.Drake signed a multiyear deal with the streaming deal; In collaboration with New York-based battle rap league called Ultimate Rap League. Even though she briefly participated in Ninja’s Fortnight tream back in 2018, There is barely any indication that gaming will be in any of his streams.Drake will stream rap battles on Caffeine. The Toronto musician will co-produce the show.According to Keighran, Drake wants to focus on leading battle rap to more of a vast audience. Battle rap can be found on pay-per-view, and now will be available on Caffeine live- streamed for free.