DaBaby’s Security Knockout a fan during show altercation

Another show, another altercation. 

This weekend DaBaby had a show in New Orleans for the ‘FreeWater Block Party’, all was going well until he jumped into the crowd. Jumping into the crowd is something DaBaby is known for but this time the crowd was too much to handle for his security guard. 

As you can see in the video, DaBaby is walking through the crowd until a fan comes up and gets a little too handsy but the rapper is able to free himself for her grasp. The security tries to make way through the crowd until it seems like someone tries to strike DaBaby or the security guard and that is when the guard started striking at the crowd, knocking out a fan! 

The fan was picked up by her friends and was able to get her to on site paramedics. Soon after, the show was shut down. This isn’t the first time DaBaby or his colleagues have been seen putting their hands on a fan.