Birdman And Drake Will Forever Be In Business Despite Prior Lawsuits

Birdman says that he will “Forever” be in business with Drake and has no intentions on breaking ties with the rapper. There have been several lawsuits regarding money being owed, besides all that the two will stay in business. Baby did an interview with Forbes and told them, “We forever in business with Drake,” Slim known as his brother sitting beside Baby during the interview stated ” We cant speak on none of that”. Birdman insisted on speaking more on the topic and said,

“All I can tell you is we forever in business with Drake. We’ve got great friendship, a great partnership with respect on both sides. And honestly, I feel like we’re forever in business with Drake. F**k what you heard and what you might hear. It is what it is. We’re in business with Drake.”

“We always let Drake do what he wanted. Same thing we did with Nicki Minaj It’s hard to tell them people what to do and how to do it. I wanted to allow them to do what they wanted to do. That’s one of the blessings about being an artist. You gotta let them paint they own picture.”