50 Cent Might Stop Trolling After Kobe’s Death

New York Rapper 50 Cent is infamously known for Trolling on the web. Any Beef or any Problem he may encounter he doesn’t mind openly discussing it for everyone to see. Not only making matters public he also gives his fans a show having a comedic outlook on everything. Beefing is a part of hip-hop, it happens time to time. However 50 is starting to Have a change of heart on how he goes about things.

On Sunday January 27th Legendary athlete Kobe Bryant and his daughter Tragically passed away in a helicopter crash. The death of Kobe may have put things in to perspective for many.

Today the rapper posted a short clip on Instagram of him and Bryant reaching for a hug . Under the post 50 states ,”I feel like I have to achieve what I want in life now after this. I have to focus, i’m not arguing with anyone anymore I’ll deal with it another way if there’s a problem,”