Netflix Takes Down ‘Chappelle’s Show’ At Dave’s Request

Fans of comedian Dave Chappelle were geeked when his famous “Chappelle’s Show” series was added to Netflix a few weeks ago. Now the classic sketch comedy series is gone from the streaming giant after the stand-up icon himself asked them to remove it.

Netflix Does Dave Chappelle A Solid

It’s not that Dave doesn’t want to entertain his fans. But when ViacomCBS originally licensed the “Chappelle’s Show” streaming rights to Netflix, they did it without paying Chappelle. He had to stand on principle, and Netflix is backing him up.

Netflix has removed Dave Chappelle’s comedy sketch series “Chappelle’s Show” after the comedian requested them to do so. Chappelle revealed the news in a lengthy Instagram video called “Unforgiven,” which featured footage from a recent stand-up gig. During the performance, Chappelle claimed he “never got paid” after leaving the ViacomCBS-owned show. (Variety)

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Dave Chappelle + Netflix

Don’t worry, the rest of Dave Chappelle’s material that was already on Netflix is still there. The comedy icon has done a number of stand-up specials for the digital platform in recent years that are safe because Dave gets paid for those.

Hip-Hop Supports Dave Chappelle Vs. ViacomCBS

After word started to spread about the issue between Chappelle and ViacomCBS, some of rap’s biggest names like T.I. publicly showed their support by asking their fans on social media to not watch “Chappelle’s Show” on Netflix until it was taken down.

“They ain’t paid my mans…. Go Watch #Unforgiven on @davechappelle page #DaveSayItsUP” -T.I.’s Instagram

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