RMR Feat. Westside Gunn “Welfare” Video

RMR teams up with Westside Gunn for the official “Welfare” video.
RMR is one of this year’s breakout stars, attracting a crowd of fans based on his genre-bending talent and his mysterious identity. At some point, the masked artist will likely need to tell the world just who he is to complete his story but, for now, he’s comfortable operating in the shadows with his balaclava on.
His project’s opener this year, “Welfare,” featured a surprising collaboration between the country-leaning rapper and Westside Gunn, who is known for his gritty bars. They’ve officially teamed up to film the music video for that track, taking a tour around RMR’s hood and hanging with a bunch of masked men emulating RMR’s swag.
“Not to sound arrogant, but I see myself as what a lot of people are going towards and be the blueprint of what the future could look like,” RMR told us exclusively about his genre-less sound. “I just want my complete sound to help people grow. It’s not just about genre-bending [music], it’s about educating people and helping them not to be ignorant in a subconscious way. [If] you subconsciously listen to one of my records like ‘Welfare’ and like it, you’ll start digging in and will go and find more artists like that, then you find a friend like that and he or she comes from a whole different world than you, and then you’re growing. It’s just little steps in growing and putting yourself in somebody else’s shoes and understanding them.”
Watch the new video above.