Machine Gun Kelly “Concert For Aliens” Video

With “Tickets To My Downfall” on the way, Machine Gun Kelly drops off his lively new visuals for pop-punk anthem “Concert For Aliens.”
Machine Gun Kelly’s shift into pop-punk may have left the hip-hop heads behind, but damned if he isn’t doing something right. Steadfastly appearing to resuscitate a long-dead genre — alongside a veteran of said genre in Travis Barker — Machine Gun Kelly’s fanbase seems to have exploded the moment he fully committed to the crossover. It’s hard to imagine that this is the same man who dropped “Rap Devil” and set Funkmaster Flex into an awe-inspired state, but such is a testament to the Gunner’s versatility.
Today, he came through with another new music video, this time for his single “Concert For Aliens.” The clip finds MGK in a carefree state, donning a variety of different costumes as he simultaneously participates and hosts in an elaborate game show — all in the name of entertaining a gang of aliens. While it’s clear that not everybody will appreciate the leap of faith, it’s clear that Machine Gun is having a grand old time living out his rockstar fantasies, and rather convincingly at that. Check out the colorful clip now, and sound off — are you looking forward to his upcoming album Tickets To My Downfall?