Jucee Froot Introduces The Popsicle Salad On “Quarantine Essentials”

On this week’s episode of Quarantine Essentials, Jucee Froot breaks down her favorite snacks, including the “Popsicle Salad,” Ring-Pop drinks, and more.
When one is forced to quarantine, one is occasionally forced to creative. Especially in the culinary arts. For a while now, HNHH has been going in-depth with some of the rap game’s favorite snack choices, with the pandemic going on to spark the “Quarantine Essentials” series. Today’s installment finds us connecting with Memphis rapper Jucee Froot, who recently connected with Rico Nasty for a remix to “Psycho.”
Off the bat, Jucee proves to be resourceful in her snacking, introducing the “popsicle salad” to those with curious palettes. The premise is simple: take as many freezies as you can find, preferably with a healthy variety of colors and flavors, chop them up into pieces, and put them in a bowl. “If you tried it, let me know,” she explains. “I’m telling you it’s good.”
She also champions for “Trix” cereal, particularly the limited edition Trolls World Tour marshmallow version. “This stuff be hitting so good,” she reflects, before pulling out a box of berry Cap’n Crunch. “Cap’n Crunch is ahead of all of em. I like the original better, but as time went on I’ve been liking these a lot more.” As the clip goes on, it becomes clear that she’s keeping her wares well-stocked, her sweet tooth sated by Gushers, Ring Pops (she recommends crushing them up and putting them in drinks), and more. Check it out for yourself, and sound off — what are some of your preferred Quarantine Essentials?