H.E.R. “I’m Not OK” Video

H.E.R. enlisted Affion Crockett for an extremely powerful music video.
Over the last few months, numerous black people throughout the United States have been killed at the hands of police, as well as those who seek to divide. There is a lot of trauma in the black community right now and many artists are trying to represent that in the most tasteful ways possible. H.E.R. is one of those artists as recently, she released the music video for her 2019 track “I’m Not OK.” While the song is older, the video certainly speaks to what is going on right now.
The black and white visual is led by dancer and actor Affion Crockett who portrays himself being arrested by the police. We are presented with various passages of interpretive dance that truly make you feel the pain that is being exhibited. Over the past few weeks, many artists have provided fans with powerful art that speaks to the moment we are living in, and this video is no exception.