Wack 100 Celebrates Gucci Mane + Jeezy Killing Beef For Verzuz Battle

Rap executive Wack 100 is 100 percent here for an epic Verzuz battle. The hip-hop heavyweight has stepped forward to co-sign a must-see bout between Gucci Mane and Jeezy.

Wack 100 Co-Signs Gucci Mane Verzuz Jeezy

The West Coast manager took to his Instagram page to show his support. Wack also acknowledged Gucci and Jeezy allowing their past differences remain buried and doing the face-off for the culture.

“Grown man sh*t here @[email protected] Great example of leadership . Culture needs to see this with all the violence going on … Politics didn’t get deeper than this — #Salute let the music do the talking 💪🏾” -Wack 100’s Instagram

Wack 100 co-signs Gucci Mane Verzuz Jeezy.
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Gucci Mane Verzuz Jeezy Is Happening

This weekend, Gucci shocked fans across his Instagram page. The rap heavyweight announced an unexpected clashing going down between himself and the Snowman.

“Tell buddy Get ready Thursday Nov 19 @verzuztv Trap God vs Snowcone ❄️ 🥶” -Gucci Mane’s Instagram

Gucci Mane Verzuz Jeezy is really happening.

Gucci Mane Shuts Down Verzuz Idea

Guwop recently went to his social media pages to keep things 100 on any Verzuz speculation. Mane said money would do the most talking and ultimately convince him to entertain a music bout.

“Stop asking me about doing a @verzuzonline battle unless they got a million dollars they scared of Wop. #GuccimaneVsWhoever 💨💨” -Gucci Mane’s Twitter

Gucci Mane shuts down Verzuz battle hype.

T.I. + Jeezy’s Battle Announced

After mounted anticipation and speculation, Atlanta rap stars T.I. and Jeezy recently broke the news of their own Verzuz battle. Barring any setbacks, the hip-hop powerhouses will see each other in mid-November.

T.I. + Jeezy’s Verzuz battle announced.