Trick Daddy and Trina’s Morning Radio Show Cancelled?❌

After being missing from airwaves for several weeks now, it appears that Miami rappers Trick Daddy and Trina have been silenced from their popular morning radio show. The Miami rappers have been hosts of The Trick and Trina Morning Show since 2020.

Trick Daddy

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Trick & Trina Controversy Behind the Axe?

Trick Daddy and Trina’s popular morning show on Miami’s 99 Jamz has been canceled. A reason has not been given for the apparent ax but the Miami hosts have been in controversy in the past year. 

Trick came under fire for saying that Beyoncé “can’t sing” in a Clubhouse room. Trina faced some backlash for her comments last year about a curfew in Miami, which many called insensitive.

Trick Daddy “Booty” Revelation

The hip-hop veteran has remained a hot topic across social media. Savage memes have ignited online feeds poking fun at Daddy admitting he’s down for his “groceries” being eaten.