Tory Lanez Reveals Big Guest Feature From Thanksgiving Music Capsule

Rap crooner Tory Lanez is low-key stacking up his features. The hip-hop heavyweight has come through with the ultimate teaser clip promising a new collaboration is on deck with rap artist 42 Dugg.

Tory Lanez Secures 42 Dugg

TL went to his Instagram page and left little to the imagination. Lanez shares a quick snippet featuring both his vocals and 42’s on the same fire record from his upcoming Thanksgiving Day music capsule release.

“@42_dugggg ….. CALM DOWN BRO BRO ???????? #HesOnFire ……. #ThanksCapsule NEXT WEEK THANKSGIVING !!!!” -Tory Lanez’s Instagram

Tory Lanez secures 42 Dugg.
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Tory Lanez Announces New Music

Recently, Lanez took to his Instagram page to break huge music news to fans. TL vowed to put out a music capsule made up of three different sounds including afro beats/reggae, hip-hop and R&B in time for Turkey Day.

“Yo, so, I know I said that I wasn’t going to drop a bunch of songs, I wasn’t going to drop too much. I’m not. But I figured something out with the capsules. I’m going to drop three capsules on Thanksgiving Day. I’m going to call it Happy Thanks Giving. Happy is going to be a capsule full of afro beats mixed with reggae and Jamaican. Thanks is going to be all rap and Giving is going to be R&B. Happy Thanksgiving Day. Eat motherf*ckers. It’s lit.”

“3 CAPSULES …….. ONE DAY ……… #HappyCapsule #ThanksCapsule #GivingCapsule …… THANKSGIVING DAY ‼️‼️…. TELL ME AT THE BOTTOM WHICH ONE YOU ARE MOST EXCITED ABOUT ???????….. Oh …. and I got the FEATURES THIS TIME …. We back ????? HAPPY THANKS GIVING ????”

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Tory Lanez announces new music.
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Tory Lanez + Rich The Kid’s New Music

Recently, TL went to his Instagram page to share a sneak peek at an upcoming music video and song. While he didn’t reveal the record’s title, Lanez did reveal fans can expect it sooner than later featuring himself, protégé VVS Ken and rap star Rich The Kid.

“PINK PANTHER ??…… TORY x @RICHTHEKID x @vvs_ken VISUALS AND MUSIC ON THE WAY” -Tory Lanez’s Instagram

The Super Sneak Peek

Recently, Lanez went to his Instagram page with an epic-looking studio sneak peek. The footage featured a little animé action playing on the screen while surrounded by studio equipment and music playing.


The same week, Tory reminded fans he has a “flood” of music gearing up to drop.

“THE FLOOD OF MUSIC IS COMING !!!! what sound are yall Most excited about … NEW RAP , NEW R&B . OR NEW “DIFFERENT SH*T “ (ex . Spanish , Acoustic , 80s , 50s & Reggae …albums ) @vvs_ken we coming too ☔️☔️☔️☔️????????????”