NLE Choppa Calls Out McDonald’s, Burger King + Taco Bell For Vegan Tactics

Rap newcomer NLE Choppa isn’t thinking twice about trying a vegan option at a local fast food spot. The hip-hop star has singled out some of the biggest spots ranging from McDonald’s to Taco Bell over the iconic brands’ determination to offer vegan options for customers.

NLE Choppa Rips McDonald’s + Fast Food Spots

Choppa went to his social media pages and didn’t mince words. The hip-hop heavyweight shunned the fast food places for trying to dig into vegan consumers’ pockets and encouraged those types of customers to seek out alternative options.

“McDonalds, Burger King, And Taco Bell Yall foul for trying to make vegan food. Do not eat that sh*t find a great vegan spot near you, not a commercial fast food place, or get groceries and cook it yourself, also grow your own food to cook. Love y’all 💜” -NLE Choppa’s Twitter

NLE Choppa rips McDonald’s.
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Summer Walker’s Vegan PSA

In summer 2018, R&B crooner Summer Walker admitted she had dealt with an uphill battle going vegan. She made a desperate plea on social media in an effort to resist going back to the opposite of plant-based food.

“PSA. I need a vegan chef who is like literally amazing in LA and I need them to come save me and rescue me because I’m about to give up on my vegan journey. It’s nasty as h*ll, it’s disgusting, it’s miserable. I don’t know who lied to y’all and said it’s good because it’s not. And if somebody doesn’t give me a vegan meal that is properly seasoned and tastes delicious, I’m just gonna be a fat, chicken-eating, grease-slurping – I don’t want, we don’t need to talk about it, I don’t want to go there. Somebody please tag them. LA vegan chef. Please Lord, help me, save me.”

Summer Walker’s vegan PSA is too real.
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Hip-Hop Goes Vegan

In 2019, reports surfaced about music icon JAY-Z becoming a central piece to Black-owned and vegan-friendly Partake Foods.

Jay-Z has clearly been busy. Not only did he join the billionaire’s club, but the venture capital (VC) fund he co-founded recently led the round for allergy-friendly food startup, Partake Foods. Partake Foods is a black-owned company that makes health-conscious food products. They recently closed a $1 million dollar round of seed funding. (Black Enterprise)

Partake Foods was expected to take its $1 million investment to help grow the brand and get its products placed into more retail stores.

The company currently offers sprouted grain chocolate mini cookies, double chocolate chip mini cookies, sweet potato millet mini cookies, and carrot oat mini cookies. All products are dairy free, non-GMO, nut-free and soy-free. (VIBE)

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It’s Not For Everybody

In June 2019, various hip-hop entertainers including JAY’s former business partner Damon “Dame” Dash made public pushes for vegan lifestyles. Despite rap star Diddy‘s encouragement, Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane previously couldn’t stomach a vegan burger.

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Rp @kiranmusik ..I never really looked at things this way when I used to just eat animals…but as I’ve evolved and I’m able to really look at things logically I just don’t believe anything deserves to just die this way…it just not necessary…logically there has to be karma that comes with this…Like cancer and diabetes and unhappiness and depression… try not murdering for a month…I bet your whole life will change for the better…don’t say I didn’t try:..what comes with awareness is responsibility…Murder isn’t funny on any level for anything

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